5 at-home pet grooming tips

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

  1. Brush your dog every few days. If you can get yourself into the routine, it's easy to keep up with. This will ensure that their coat holds on to less dirt (equals cleaner floors too) and will help prevent matting fur.

  2. Wipe your dogs paws clean/dry when they come in from an outside wet environment. Not only will this create less of a mess but it will help remove anything they may have picked up while out, as well as provide dryer fur around the paw pads to lessen the risk of bacteria growth.

  3. Check your dogs ears. Lift the ear flap and look into your dogs ears. If they are dry and pink the are healthy. If they have build up or debris, use a canine ear cleaner (can be purchased at Petsmart, Petco or your from your Veterinarian) and gauze to gently wipe the area clean. Never use a Q-Tip in a dogs ear.

  4. Provide some sort of dental cleaning. The best option is to 'brush your dogs teeth' by using a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for canine's. If you do this once a week, they will have less tartar and plaque, and healthier gums. Gum disease affects t dogs too, not just humans!

  5. Keep their nails trimmed. Be sure to keep your dogs nails trimmed by taking them on walks so that their nails stay at a reasonable length. If your dogs nails are already too long, have the nails trimmed once every two weeks until the quick of the nail begins to recede, thus the overall health of the nails will improve. *If you are doing this yourself, be careful not to cut the nail too short. This is called "cutting the quick". This can be very painful for dogs and can cause bleeding. Should you decide to do this at home, ask your Veterinarian to show you how.

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